Trendy people love 6 bags

Season, is it necessary to change for you a fashionable fashion bag? And summer is a period of individuality. Let\’s take a look at the trendy fashion bags in Europe and the United States.


fashion retro-profile bag

Trendy people love 6 bags

Fashion Analysis: Miranda – can be children are also fans of retro profile bag, the black silhouette bag is not only the most important thing is the appearance of a large outline of the area can hold all kinds of girls need supplies, is a very Powerful multifunction bag.

Cute and delicate – mini bag

Trendy people love 6 bags

Fashion Resolution: Alice Shan – Zhong many activities and stylish street shooting is not difficult to find, this mini chain bag appearance rate is very high, exquisite mini bag can be used with a variety of styles of clothing, especially to the summer, simple The mini bag relieves heavy feeling.

Line simple – Envelope bag

Fashion Analysis: Celebrity Olivia – Palermo in participating in major events, choose envelopes to match the overall clothing, not only look elegant and elegant, while the envelope of the simple lines also played a very good fashion effect, with simple Does not seem tedious.

Trendy people love 6 bags

Wild Utility – Doctor Pack

Fashion analysis: fashion hot mother Jessica – Alba black strap dress, with a black and white classic doctor bag, looks stylish, in addition to the shape can only accommodate a lot of items, the doctor bag is also a very wild fashion bag.

Hard-looking rectangular volume bag

Fashion analysis: Florence – Welch retro print dress red wine hat, have revealed a retro style, is also a wine red rectangle volume package and the overall match is very harmonious, and rectangular volume bag whether it is with a skirt or pants, All are good collocation choices. package.

Funny Funny – Fun Pack

Fashion Analysis: Recently in the street shooting and fashion week fashion street shooting, it is not difficult to find that many influx of people are beginning to keen on all kinds of strange modeling bags, ultra-character bags make eye-catching, transparent road race Special package is one of them.

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